Halloween attractions in Northeast Florida

Attractions and festivities are not far away from Jacksonville this Halloween season. A short drive to St. Augustine allows patrons to immerse themselves in horrific and spooky events.

Warehouse 31 Unleashed attracts thrill seekers and brings them face-to-face with their deepest fears. Anna Lynn Patchell and her boyfriend enjoy going to the haunted house because of its short distance and low cost compared to other major attractions.

“You don’t have to pay $100 to enjoy a fun scream. You don’t have to go very far from Jacksonville, and we need more stuff like this here anyways,” said Patchell.

Creative Director Brandon Murawski, came from the original Warehouse 31 in Alabama. He brought an extension of the haunted house to St. Augustine this year and decided to notch up the scare factor. He built the St. Augustine warehouse to have more of a one-on-one experience.

“It’s a very personalized experience. It’s terrifying….I see the terror that comes out of patrons in there,” Murawski said. “It’s going to be the scariest, largest, most intense haunted house that you’ll ever experience.”

Warehouse 31 Unleashed is definitely not a calm, trick-or-treating experience. It’s a heart-pumping experience, not for the faint of heart.

Downtown St. Augustine also offers a spooky Halloween experience for those seeking an educational tour through the nation’s oldest city. St. Augustine Ghost Tours leads groups to common places in the city giving them historical background of ghost tales.

Tour guide Eric Sponberg, greatly enjoys telling the ghostly history of St. Augustine to travelers and even television networks like History Channel and Travel Channel.

Sponberg said, “One of the things that we do on our tour is incorporate a lot of history into it. So, you get stories about the buildings and the people here that you may not know.”

Sponberg, just like Murawski, is very passionate about the horror season.

“It’s interacting with the guests. It’s a real pleasure. You can play to the audience and meet people from all over the world,” Sponberg said.

The Halloween season is upon us and does not require a long trip out of town. St. Augustine is awaiting your arrival.