Music from the 904

When it comes to music, Jacksonville is the birthplace of many notable groups. As the starting point for classics like Lynyrd Skynyrd – and more contemporary bands such as Yellowcard – the list of prominent musicians that hail from Northeast Florida only begins in the Bold City.

While many bands are known for getting their start in Jacksonville, some solo artists aspire to reach the same heights on their own.   Savanna Leigh Bassett is a local musician who hopes that her unique twist on country music both locally and on a national scale.

“I’ve played in several local cities, and to be able to be successful through my music would be a dream come true,” Bassett said.

While her goal is to make it big through her music, Savannah is also humbled by getting the opportunity to play at several different venues in her hometown of Jacksonville.

“Jacksonville is an interesting market,” Bassett said. “The public here really values live music.”

While music has become a career for solo acts like Savannah, other musicians, such as Fletcher High School’s own “The Implications” started as a group aspiring to do one thing – play the music they love for the people they love.


“It’s just awesome to get to play all this music with my friends, for my friends,” Lane Pittman, one of the guitarists in the band, said.


The Implications have made a name for themselves by going to local venues and packing them – as well as rocking them.

“It’s funny, when he [Lane] told me we had a show at Mellow I was super pumped, and it actually was a really good turn out for the people,” said Christian Pittman, the band’s drummer, as well as Lane Pittman’s younger brother.

From solo acts like Savanna, to groups like The Implications, the primary goal is to create perpetual sound, while inspiring those around them to do what they love – just as they’ve done.