Art work is all around us. You don’t even have to visit an art gallery to see exquisite paintings. All over Jacksonville beautiful colorful murals cover buildings and local businesses.

Scott Briggs, one of the many local muralists prides himself on his spray painting art and recently worked on a mural in Downtown Jacksonville at 1904 Music Hall.

“Its a much bigger, much more in demand scene than it was even when I started. There’s more people open to public art and murals. I only use spray cans on murals, for the main reason that I don’t think any one can afford to have me out there with a paintbrush because it would take like three times longer for me.”Performing Arts Venues

Scott isn’t the only artist who finds painting large-scale to be fun. Jessica Becker also has work spread all over Jacksonville.

Becker’s most infamous mural is displayed on the patio of Taco Lu, an extremely popular restaurant on Beach Blvd. She also has murals at other local businesses including Backyard Pops and Caribbean Connection.

“Our art scene is definitely expanding, now that we have the elbow district, which is like the art district, its hopefully getting better.”

It took Becker 16 hours to finish the large scale mural at Taco Lu that now gives them a better ambiance and experience for the outdoor seating area.

Coloring our city everyday, local artists are bringing life to our area through their designs. So the next time you’re out and about take a look around and you might find yourself in front of a masterpiece.