Historic Hauntings

By: Kendra Ehrenberg & Emily Kubacki

IMG_3002Famous for being the oldest city in the United States, St. Augustine has a rich history with vintage architecture and notable landmarks, but it’s also famous for something else – being haunted.
At every turn you can find ghost tours promising interaction with the paranormal. You’re bound to hear an eerie story or two from a paid tour guide, but the real bone-chilling experiences comes from the locals.
From Ripley’s Believe It or Not to Meehan’s Irish Pub, every building seems to have a haunted history that continually lives on- and many people have experienced it firsthand.

Ripley’s is believed to be one of the most haunted buildings in St. Augustine with over 18 entities identified by paranormal investigators, according to Regional Manager Kim Kiff.
“Pretty much everyone on staff here has a story to tell. Everyone here has experienced a little something.”

Popular restaurant Scarlett O’Hara’s has a “Ghost Bar” that is said to be haunted by the man who built the
establishment. The city’s gates also hold a well-known story about the wandering spirit of a child that was banned from the city for being diagnosed with a case of high yellow fever.
Jo of the Florida Cracker Cafe also has a plethora of stories to tell. She has lived in a house that was visited by a ghost every year as well as a rumored ghost living in a closet behind the restaurant.
Flagler College student Oliver Borland told us all about the haunted on campus housing, and even pointed out a tile in the dorm lobby that has a mysterious on it.
Borland, an employee of Meehan’s Irish Pub stated he’s seen the deceased owner’s picture rattling upstairs – which is also a commonality for the workers there.
“Everyone that you bump into has a story about it, and myself, I have a lot of experience with the paranormal.”