The Dog Days Aren’t over in Duval

By: Emily Kubacki and Kendra Ehrenberg

With a love for dogs on the rise, Jacksonville is accommodating the canine craze by adding more dog-friendly places where owners can maximize their time with their furry best friends. With a growing number of dog parks, dog friendly restaurants, and doggy day cares, Jacksonville is ready to embrace the puppy love and give its residents the space to do the same.

Several state-of-the-art dog parks have popped up and gained popularity in Jacksonville, like Veteran’s Dog Park and Dog Wood Park, that include all the amenities a dog needs on a day out. Both parks have huge nature trails so your dog can have a walk to remember. They also both have small dog only areas so that even the littlest guys can run freely if the playing gets too “ruff.”

While these parks do have some similarities, they are designed for different doggy desires. Dog Wood focuses more on the active pup life, with agility courses and a lake for swimming. Veteran’s Dog Park is a smaller, more casual park for both dogs and owners to relax. Veteran’s Dog Park is completely free, but if you’re leaning more towards Dog Wood, be prepared to pay anywhere from $11 to $13.50 depending on how many furry friends you’re bringing with you. Other stipulations at Dog Wood include proof of vaccination and male dogs must be neutered.

If you’re looking for a place to chow down with your puppy, restaurants like BurgerFi, Mellow Mushroom and Metro Diner welcome dogs into their outdoor seating. These locations even provide bowls of water so your pup can enjoy a drink while you do the same.

One local business in the works, Kanine Social, is looking to combine the best of both worlds: dog parks and drinking. Kanine Social is an indoor/outdoor dog park that offers craft beers and fresh coffee to dog owners while dogs are welcome to participate in the fun. They also offer a doggy day care in case your pet needs some supervision while you’re out for the day.

With all of that, the canine craze is just getting started in Jacksonville, and we’re so excited to see what other places will be welcoming our pets with open paws.