three short fur assorted color cats

Coffee and Cats? Are you fur-real? 

Story by: Kaitlin Ward

The Caffeinated Cat is the first and only Cat Café located in Jacksonville Beach.  The café is a cat rescue where patrons can enjoy a cup of coffee while playing with cats. It was designed to pay for the cats’ needs and help find them their forever homes.  

The Café started all because of a cat named Flerken, with the goal to raise money for the medical bills and all other cat needs. Flerken still lives at the shop today as a permanent resident.  

“If that cat told me to jump off a bridge, I would ask which one,” said owner Tammy King. 

The Caffeinated Cat. Photo by Kaitlin Ward 

However, not all of the cats here are up for adoption. The cats with collars are known as permanent resident’s and live at the café, while the other cats are just there temporarily until they find their home. 

Some cats are in need of medical care before they are ready to be adopted. 

King shared how one doctor has saved over 1000 of their cats’ lives. That was Dr. Brienne LeMay. She was killed in a car accident and in honor of her memory multiple cats in the café were named after her and King has made it a point to carry on her memory.  

 One cat patient at The Caffeinated Cat. Photo by Kaitlin Ward. 

The cats’ needs are a top priority. One cat has been there since thanksgiving but is given the chance to adjust before being thrown into the room with the other cats. There are also cats that remain outdoors. 

The café is split into two sections, one where guests are able to sit, drink and watch the cats from behind a glass and another section where guests are able to go in and play with the cats while they sip.  

Both coffees and tea are available for purchase. Ella Chavoustie, a barista at the cafe, shared that all proceeds go straight to medical bills and the cats.  

“We get a lot of donations whether it’s food, the litter, even just the change you’re handed back after you get your coffee. Every little bit helps,” said Chavoustie. 


Whether you are looking for a furry friend to take home, or just the chance to give the cats some love, The Caffeinated Cat has something for everyone.