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Long Journey Ahead: The Music Collective

Story by: Johnathan White

A long day at work does not deter Reilly from sending a text to Zeke if he could come by and record close to midnight. That drive fills everybody in Long Journey Ahead. While these young men are just getting their feet wet in the industry, their youth is not hindering the experience.  

Reilly met Zeke in the summer of 2021 and from there, the connection was not to be broken. Reilly then recruited Alex Besemer (Atexx), upon becoming coworkers at Sandollar Restaurant and Marina last summer. Once Alex told JJ Willet (Crocc Decaprio) about the collective, he fit right in as he was engrossed in music for a few years already. This domino effect was not by chance, as these guys were meant to take the long journey together.       

Alex and JJ perform at 1904 Music Hall. Photo by Johnathan White  

There is much more to come for those who are already fans and want to become fans. It is at this point that every artist has a decent catalog. Atexx and Reilife have a collaboration album dropping this week, Zeke Avery is gearing up for a big release, and Crocc Decaprio recently dropped a mixtape. Fans will surely see some of these guys appear on each other’s album.  

Long Journey Ahead is artist led and produced. This career independence allows focus on getting better and better. While the group supports each other wholeheartedly, the love and appreciation from fans keeps everybody going.  It is not just the music that draws people, but being around the group is inspiring.