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Shark Season is Here 

Story by: William Horne

The first new face that has got to be mentioned in head coach Jason Gibson, who is about to start his first season with the Sharks. Gibson has coached in the NAL for several years, including his latest stint with the Columbus Lions. Coach Gibson was asked about the challenges with coming to a new team with new players and trying to get them to buy into what he wants to accomplish here in Jacksonville.

“You got to bring in the right people, that want to learn, and want to be leaders. That’s half the battle right there,” said Gibson. 

Someone who is familiar with Jacksonville and Sharks fans are definitely familiar with him is Kamrin Solomon, who is returning to play in his fourth season with the Sharks as a wide receiver and a defensive back. Solomon is a leader for the Sharks and uses his experience and time in Jacksonville to help the new guys to understand the ins and outs to Jacksonville and Sharks football expectations.

“ The sooner we can get everyone moving and operating on the same page and understanding the mission which is obviously a championship then that’s when we really get started,” said Solomon.

Solomon hopes to bring a championship back to Jacksonville, who does have two NAL championships, but have had disappointing seasons since their last championship win in 2019. 

 Sharks’ Solomon in action. Photo by The Jacksonville Sharks

Every great team is faced with adversity and Coach Gibson is already facing it in his face year as the Sharks will start off the first half of the season without veteran receiver Devin Wilson. Wilson is the all time leading receiver in the NAL and is still serving a suspension after coming in contact with an official last season.

“It’s an unfortunate situation with Devin, but the upside and good news is, you can look forward to a strong second half of the season,” said Gibson. 

The Sharks know the expectations of the city and their fans and will not be satisfied with anything less than a championship for this upcoming season. With a new head football coach and seasoned veterans on the team, their mission is simple; bring back a NAL championship to Jacksonville. 

Coach Gibson. Photo by The Jacksonville Sharks