baby decoration hanging on the door

How Barbie T is Living the Dream 

Story by: Giana Mercado

Dressed in pink feathers and sequins, Barbie T, welcomed expecting military families at Operation Shower held at TPC Sawgrass. Operation Shower is a non-profit that hosts baby showers for military moms-to-be to help ease the stress of deployment. This year, they invited radio host Barbie T to emcee the event. 

Barbie T emceeing Operation Shower. Photo by Giana Mercado. 

“Hosting these types of events are a lot of fun,” said Barbie. “It gets me in the face of the community, and you really get to see who is listening to my show every morning. Giving back to them is just really what I have to do, it’s my mission.”  

At the baby shower, Barbie entertained the moms and their families by hosting games such as bingo and trivia. She also handed out 95.1 WAPE stuffed animal gorillas to the families as gift. 

95.1 WAPE gorilla. Photo by Giana Mercado. 

Barbie is new to Jacksonville from Greenville, South Carolina. She relocated a month ago to the First Coast so her and her radio partner’s show, Dex and Barbie T Morning Show could take over 95.1 WAPE.  

“I absolutely love it. Dreams come true for sure,” said Barbie.  

The radio show provides fun and real content by having an interactive format. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday are days listeners can call into the show to share anonymous secrets or ask for advice. Tuesday and Thursday is their Ghosted days where Dex and Barbie will call the listener’s partner that ghosted them. Ghosting is when someone cuts off communication without explanation. 

“We’ll call them up and be like ‘so why did you ghost my girl’ and they give you a reason why,” said Barbie. “Now use it at your own discretion because your business will be aired out.” 

Barbie also expressed excitement for True Crime Tuesdays where people call into the show and share their own personal experience with true crime.  

Although moving states can be scary, for Barbie T, it was just a step for her dreams and passions for radio.