blue vinyl record playing on turntable

How the New Generation is Keeping the Vinyl Industry Afloat 

Story by: Aubrey Lowery

Record Store day started in 2007 when streaming began to take over the music industry, pushing both record stores and physical forms of media away.  

However, the younger generation has become infatuated with vinyl and has taken over the demand previously held by consumers in the seventies.  

Mostly the surge is attributed to vinyl resurfacing in social media sites such as Tumblr, and Instagram, as well as stores like Urban Outfitters having complete vinyl sections in the store tailored to the younger demographic.  

This increase has sparked mainstream artists to include vinyl pressings in the launch of new music. Where artists like Taylor Swift have used it immensely, in releasing eight different vinyl pressings for her album Folklore back in 2020.  

With megastars like Swift who’s fanbase will purchase vinyls in every variety, is the same demand for record store day releases.  


Record store day releases. Photo by Aubrey Lowery 

This year record store day takes place on a Saturday, meaning that most local record stores will have lines of people lining up overnight. 

All Record Store Day Pressings are only sold in limited quantities at independent record stores. In efforts to help boost sales against bigger corporations.  

One of those stores is Music Matters Remixed which has turned the once all CD store back into a vinyl focused store, acting as a hub for collectors in the area to turn to. The store is a record store day approved location meaning that they can not sell the exclusives for any price other than what the artist has marked it as.  

If you are looking to grab one of the Record Store Day Exclusives, should be warned that there are no holds, or pre order that can’t be done it is first come first serve.  

So getting an exclusive record on record store day becomes even more special.