girl sitting on smiling man s shoulder

North Florida School of Special Education Annual Weekend Festival

Story by: Johnathan White

Main entrance to the festival, while being greeted by friendly horses. Photo by Johnathan White 

A large collective of parents, students and distinguished guests of the program, crowded the walkway all a buzz with excitement for the activities of the day. The weather permitted full go on outside enjoyment, with a wide selection of food and beverage.  

When the band got goin for the Concert on the Farm, everybody really started to move. It was evident that many individuals who had a significant hand in planning this festival, breathed a sigh of relief to see how smoothly things were operating.   

All tables for the Dinner on the Farm see care in their presentation. The seating chart is carefully arranged to fit every organization or group in attendance.  That is dedication from the entire staff for this Weekend Festival 

Televisions were put in place to ensure every inch of tables could view the activities on stage. Special thanks to the production team that handled sound and camera operations. It can be hard to hear or see somebody fully from 100 yards away, especially for the older generation present for the festival.  

Once dinner was served, table by table grew quiet and dug into the delectable dishes distributed by Black Sheep Restaurant Group. Those men and women were working round the clock on this day to ensure their part was handled and then some. It was all a smash hit to say the least.