Fig and Willow:  Go-To Boutique for Affordable Style in Jacksonville 

Story by: Alexa Villegas

Boutiques are always fascinating stores to visit, it tends to feel a lot more personal than the regular shopping experience. Today, we’re excited to introduce you to a hidden gem that has been winning hearts in the Jacksonville area: Fig and Willow. Founded by Katy Werhner in 2016, this local boutique has become a sensation with its two locations in San Marco and Neptune Beach. 

What sets this boutique apart is its commitment to providing affordable clothing options that cater to women of all ages, ensuring that every customer feels beautiful. 

Grace Mashie, the Community Director at Fig and Willow, shares, “Katy started Fig and Willow with the aim of offering affordable clothes that make women feel truly beautiful. We believe in making our clothing accessible without compromising on quality, so every woman who wears our pieces feels special and understood.” 

Fig and Willow is a women-owned business with an all-female staff that was designed to understand women’s needs and desires. They believe in creating a unique and empowering experience for every woman that walks through their doors. 

With a wide range of brands in their inventory, Fig and Willow showcases both big labels and local talent. Emily Lingard, Assistant Buyer at Fig and Willow, explains, “We curate our collection with both well-known and local brands. We have our staple brands that our customers love, and we also collaborate with local jewelry businesses and small vendors, hosting events and pop-ups to support the local community.” 

Fig and Willow believes in the power of women supporting women. Their commitment to empowering local vendors and celebrating the Jacksonville community is evident through their collaborations and events. They embrace the belief that success is attainable when women come together and envision their future. 

Fig and Willow is a store that not only sells beautiful clothes but also empowers women and supports local businesses. Located in San Marco and Neptune Beach, this boutique aims to make your shopping experience enjoyable and meaningful. So, the next time you’re in Jacksonville, be sure to visit Fig and Willow, where you’ll find affordable fashion that makes you feel loved and beautiful.