What’s The “Hype” On The Hush Hush Headphones? 

Story by: Catherine Keith 

Hush Hush is a bar located in Five Points, Jacksonville. This bar is known not only for its drinks, but for what it hosts, which is Silent disco. Silent disco is an activity that has been gradually getting more trendy as the years have gone by. This type of clubbing offers people the same amount of fun as normal dance clubs, yet it gives you the option of what you want to be listening to, instead of just choosing songs for everyone to listen to together. This activity brings together introverts and extroverts, creating such a fun hangout spot on weekends. 

Hush Hush employee, Flash The Samurai, said “I love the individuality the headphones give.” When discussing what he enjoys about silent disco, “This makes me want to make music specifically for listening to through headphones.” Flash works every week at the silent disco in security and he also makes music on the side. “As someone who makes music, this is such a great experience (seeing how much music brings people together, individually),” said Flash. 

When walking in, any disco-goer will be greeted with a pair of “Hush Hush” labeled headphones. These headphones are the key to the customers’ nights at silent disco, for it gives them the access to listen to music. When looking at these headphones, it is noticeable that there are switches on the back of the left side. These color switches consist of Green, Red, and Blue, and they each offer different stations that consist of the DJ’s picks and recommendations from the crowd there. Green is labeled “Old but Gold” which entitles it to a station of throwback music. Red is “Requested music” which is the crowd’s choice. Lastly, Blue is “Modern Bangers” which is all the new hits that are out and trending now. These different music choices are easy to switch between, and are constantly changing, leaving the crowd never bored. There is also conversation and dance moves being shared between those whose headphones are the same color with one another, and/or different! 

Lily McNeal, a silent disco participant, speaks on the unique attributes in wearing headphones at a bar, saying “It’s just something that has grown onto us all, something new, and fun we can enjoy.” McNeal claims to have found her current fiancé at this exact silent disco, saying “We were both wearing these headphones, and we were listening to the same song, and just started dancing with each other!” McNeal knew they were listening to the same song because she could “Just tell from the color on his headphones.” 

The Hush Hush headphones not only offer convenience on choosing what to dance to, but it also offers opportunities for connections through music.