Behind the Inspiration and Toys of Slice of Life International

Story by: Theresa Hardman

On November 1, 2022, the beautiful beachside gem Slice of Life International first opened its doors.This eclectic store offers a beautiful variety of runature, home decor and various clothes and knick nacks, but the star of the show is the expansive and unique toy collection inside.  

Owner Terri Cavoli is a long time lover of toys, and after a change in careers led her to teaching, she found herself collecting all sorts of toys to bring in to her classroom. Here she built beautiful words and stories with the kids and her toys and combined the importance of teaching with the joy of play.  

After a car accident left Cavoli unable to speak for long periods of time in the classroom, she was left with an abundance of toys in need of a purpose. This inspired her to put her collection on display at Slice of Life International. 

“I had all these toys for every kind of theme and topic, for the classroom, plus I had my own vintage toys, so I said you know what why don’t I open a toy store” said Cavoli.  

Steadily growing her collection over time, from a plethora of Barbie, Hotwheels, Littlest Pet Shops, Lego, a multitude of boardgames and more, she really has something for every age and interest.  

In addition to her storefront, Terri also posts her products on Facebook Marketplace, which draws in collectors of unique toys. Cavoli divulged how on multiple occasions she has had many people from out of town come to visit her shop for a specific piece in her collection.  

Cavoli has been able to combine her love for all these beautiful toys into a charming business, with the pleasure of watching kids and adults alike come into her store and found something that sparks joy. She keeps the joy of make believe and playing pretend alive and well as she sells nostalgia for all who visit.  

Find Slice of Life International at 1328 3rd Street North in Jacksonville Beach and on Facebook at Slice of Life International LLC.