A Jacksonville man’s life chances in a matter of seconds

Nathan Dean and John Biasotti

A person’s life can be completely altered in a matter of seconds.

That is what happened to 20-year-old Jacksonville native, Gilberto Lopez.

Near his Jacksonville home, Lopez was involved in a motorcycle accident that led to him losing his right leg.

Lopez was hit by an oncoming truck going nearly 45mph. Lopez had to consider different options when the doctors told him what he could do.

“Option A was a knee fusion. Basically, you’re looking at a stiff leg your entire life,” said Lopez. “Option B was a little more intense. It would promise you ninety percent back to a regular life at least, which was amputation.  If that’s what I had to do to get back to a normal life, get back to work, get back to my family and bend my knee again, that’s what I had to do.”

Lopez plans to take this life-changing situation and turn it into a positive for others.

“”I want to go to hospitals or go to houses and people who are kind of lost at the moment,” Lopez said. “Maybe after they see me and I share my story and tell them I was in the same situation, they can hopefully react like I did. Positively.”