Building Bridges Through Card Games

By: DeAndre Pearson and David Swets


Humans often find very unique ways to interact and form bonds with one another. Some form bonds over the love of the same food or sport. Some people form bonds over the same hobby. Others form bonds by chance. In the case of  Terrance Powell, forming a bond was as simple as walking into a game store three years ago, and he is not alone.

CoolStuffGames specializes in selling the latest and thrilling card games as well as hosting highly competitive tournaments. CoolStuffGames has served as a liaison between game enthusiasts and gaming competitions across the state of Florida for almost two decades.

With locations spanning from Jacksonville to Miami, CoolStuffGames has created fun atmosphere through the fervor of competition that come from card and board games. CoolStuffGames employee Kevin Hefner names this peer-to-peer interaction and the positive effects it has on its customers as one of the main reasons why he works at CoolStuffGames.  Hefner also believes that this interaction is what help cultivate lasting friendships.

Since moving to Jacksonville, Powell has connected with his peers through the interest of card releases and gaming tournaments. He also encounters the same people outside of CoolStuffGames.

I feel like anywhere you go you’re gonna see at least one person you know from here you’re like are ‘you gonna be there on Thursday,’” he said in an interview with Inside Jacksonville’s David Swets.  Powell also attributes this connection to the comadary he felt when he first entered CoolStuffGames.

“When you come here it’s relaxing. You’re with people that you like the same things you like you can talk you make new friends and you discover things that you might not discovered outside of here.”  

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