Cat Yoga Paws Its Way Into Jacksonville

By Valeria Rodriguez and Kayla Hartigan

From the moment we wake up we are flooded with things that need to be done, one after the other. Then all the sudden life throws a curve ball and the day ends up not going as planned. These situations can cause a lot of stress in life.

Stress can be good, good stress helps you stay awake during a long day. Stress can also be bad to the point was you forget all the answers to a test you are taking, or freeze during a stressful situation. Stress can also be chronic to the point in which you can’t function.

The best way to avoid getting to that point is self-care. Self-care can look completely different for everyone, for some people it might be staying in and watching a movie, for some other it might be a walk in the beach.

At the Jacksonville Humane Society self-care takes the form of Meowmaste, a monthly cat yoga class. The class is a great way of taking a break from the daily routine and getting to meet the kittens that need to find their new forever home.

Yoga with animals is a big trend right now and it is a great relaxation option. Yoga in itself is relaxing. It involves focusing in your breath and doing physical activity. Yoga with animals mixes an already relaxing thing with animal contact. There has been lost of research that indicates that having animal contact can be beneficial in many ways.

The people that participate in the class see it as the best of both words, it is relaxing time and is also a great way to support the Humane Society and get the word out about the job they do. For any more information about Meowmaste or more self-care programs at the Jacksonville Humane Society website.

Whatever shape self-care takes for you make sure that you have someone to talk to about the stressful things that are going on your life, whether it is your friends, your family or your significant other. We are social creatures and living life with others makes it a lot easier.