Classrooms of the Future

By: Zach Sampley and LaTrania Tolbert


Pencils and paper have been a staple in classrooms for decades. But they might start
becoming a thing of the past. New technologies are being integrated in schools every day.

From iPads, to magic smartboards, to VR headsets, combing gaming and learning has revolutionized our education system. The options for how humans learn continues to evolve.

Steven Carmichael, a fifth-grade teacher at a local elementary school in Jacksonville, FL
explains how technology has not only made learning exciting for kids but also extremely
beneficial for teachers.

Carmichael says, “We can individualize how each student learns by looking at their data. We can see what they are struggling with and what they are doing great at. And then we can personalize what they need to focus on more.”

Teachers can view what a student is having trouble with based on how much time it takes to play a particular learning game. And then from there, assign them games focused on what their needs are.

Games are incorporated in each class where you can play in groups or individually.

Talking about her learning experience, elementary school student, Kalani, says, “I love the iPads. And it’s like you’re playing a game to learn. So, it’s like really fun.”

Technology has many benefits but there are also some drawbacks. Children in schools
today have grown up surrounded by technology. One problem teachers have is when students use technology, like iPads, to look up inappropriate content in class. Joslyn Mandl, an elementary school teacher, describes a drawback with technology in classrooms.

“Some negatives with technology is that students will go on certain sites without permission. And they look up content that may be allowed to at home but it’s not school appropriate,” she said.

Technology continues to advance and has opened new doors to how we learn. As we
move into the future, humans will continue to create new ways of learning that makes
discovering new things more exciting and captivating. Barriers are being broken and learning is being reimagined and redesigned. When how we learn evolves, so do we.

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