Don’t miss a beat

Don’t Miss a Beat, is a local Jacksonville organization that works with youth on molding their talents as a way to a better life. They use talent as the fuel for the kids to want to a better life while still focusing on their academics in the process.

The home to these kids is the Edith Brown ford community center which is home to don’t miss a beat. The kids really find themselves there through their talents. Esther Poiter, program director, says “kids come to us, maybe failing grades, not doing well socially — these kids find their place here at Don’t Miss a Beat,” she said. They teach the kids to dance, vocal training, and acting. The kids learn all aspects that the organization teaches and they have blossomed into great performers and students.

Jayla Royal, all-star student, “I dance and act, and with those talents, I plan to take it through college and also become an entrepreneur with the art business, so like helping other children through the arts like don’t miss a beat does,” Jayla said. The organization really wants kids to know that their talent and dreams can really take them far in life. In the last 11 years, the organization has helped over 1,000 kids and is reaching out to more day by day. They also teach kids that their academics are very important in helping them achieve their dreams. Don’t miss a beat is very involved with the youth and their school work making that the first priority then the music, dancing, and acting is next.

Ulysses Owen Jr, artistic director, mentions “children are the voices and faces of tomorrow if we can really plant the right seeds into their minds and get them thinking differently – we will have a different world,” he said. “You can’t have a different world without different children”. The kids have performed in many different places sharing their talents with the world and one another. Owen Jr, wants the kids to know that they aren’t going to waste their life and become a stereotype instead they will use their gifts to help them flourish into amazing people someday.

Don’t miss a beat is a striving the make life a little easier on the youth that is growing up in this time today. Showing them that age a young age with hard work, dedication and faith that they can become whoever they want. They speak their motto into the minds of the youth which is “don’t miss a beat, find your rhythm.  The arts are a bridge to a better life”. So they know the arts are a key to their success.

For more information visit Don’t Miss a Beat organization online.