Entrepreneur’s Journey To Personal Growth: Dricka’s Cookies

By Victoria Reed  

Starting a business can many times go hand and hand with personal growth. There are a number of personal challenges that must be overcome to pursue a goal when the results are unsure.

Three years ago, Dricka decided to take her cookie business seriously. She quickly found herself questioning and doubting herself. She recalls looking at other pioneers in her industry and thinking she may not measure up. But instead of giving up, she practiced until her confidence began to rise. She learned that comparing herself to others was holding her back. The best thing she could do was be herself.

Dricka's Cookies

Courtesy of Dricka’s Cookie Jar

She is now the owner of Dricka’s Cookie Jar, and the orders are pouring in fast. She has her kitchen set up and organized, so she can quickly fill orders. She also takes great pride in the taste, presentation, and packaging of her cookies. She’s made cookies for business openings, holiday parties, birthday parties, graduations, you name and she’s probably done it. She equipped with every cookie cutter shape you can think of, and she can create any color you need.

One of the motivations for finally taking action and pursuing her business was financially supporting her children’s extracurricular activity. Her oldest daughter had the opportunity to be a part of an elite volleyball team. She says the fees for the team and get up to $8,000 dollars a year. Hope was prepared to tell her daughter that they just couldn’t afford it. Her husband is active duty, and she is a full-time school teacher. But instead of saying no to her daughter, she started baking cookies. Her baking efforts paid off, and her daughter is still apart of the elite team.

Hope is happy with the success of her business, and she says that although it’s been a long continuous journey it’s worth it.