• Hero Bakers

      Jacksonville has a large homeless population that is in need or not only shelter, food and clothing but people that care. For 37 years the St. Francis Soup Kitchen has taking pride in rendering help to the homeless on the first coast. Every Saturday morning, St. Francis opens their doors to individuals in need… Read more

  • Off the Grid

          Letting Mother Nature Work for You An Alternative to Living Off the Grid While some might imagine success as an enormous house with countless rooms and over-the-top amenities, some find that living within their means is the way to go. A recent trend with young first-time homebuyers is finding new and unique… Read more

  • Alternative Fitness

        A common theme among members of the First Coast community is the desire to better themselves, both physically and mentally. For many, traditional forms of fitness fail to keep them inspired, often preventing them from results they want to achieve. Staying motivated can be challenging, and finding what encourages you is an important… Read more

  • Special Diets

          Getting in shape can be hard work. Diet and exercise, while effective, requires a serious commitment before you’ll see the benefits. There are alternatives… Including what’s called cleansing. Its proponents say cleaning helps with weight loss, boosts your body’s immune system and can help your body function more efficiently. So, what is… Read more

  • Alternative Medicine

            With the growing cost of medical care, the uninsured are facing issues being able to afford proper health care. However, a local First Coast clinic is changing that. Volunteers in Medicine Jacksonville is a non-profit organization that offers free health care to low income, uninsured adults and their family. The clinic… Read more

  • Natural and Organic Products

    Natural and Organic products in high demand Natural and organic products seem to be making their way across the First Coast, as more people are flocking to farmer’s markets looking for foods and natural healthcare that support their lifestyle of green living. But what is green living? “Green living,” “living green,” or “going green” are… Read more