Spencer Rooney
Reginald Durant

Mayport Fishing Village is Quietly Thriving

Mayport Fishing Village is all about holding a Safe Harbor within this community.

The docks are home to a fleet of shrimping and commercial fishing boats— either docked, unloading, or loading up.

Andy King has been shrimping for 40 years now. Shrimping in the most dominant form of fishing by a landslide in the Mayport area.

Sean Smith, a commercial fisherman of only six months, has been fishing for fun his entire life. He and others venture out seven days at a time with hope of returning with a few thousand pounds of marketable catch.

The calming river flowing by and a sharp smell of crispy fried fish lures consumers into Safe Harbor Seafood, a restaurant known for their shrimp.

“We are known for our shrimp around the world. It’s world-renowned,” said Chris Wooten, Safe Harbor owner.

Safe Harbor is making a positive impact on the community with their fishing.

Wooten has managed to conserve the community and culture of the people while steadily growing as a business, a restaurant, and now a seafood distribution company.

With the sun setting on the river, and the docks silent, the restaurant continued to bustle with customers from near and far. Mayport shrimp is a big hit and there doesn’t seem to be an end in sight.