Fitness and Friendships

By: Brianna Bartlett and Samantha Kindler

Making a lifestyle change can be difficult, especially if it involves weight loss and you’re going through it alone.

Meet Mackenzie Beemer. She’s been able to defy the odds and achieve success in improving her health through exercise, and she’s doing it with some unexpected help and support at Trinity Fitness.

“Everybody is just so welcoming, and I feel like you click with everybody,” Beemer continued, “You all come from different areas in life but you just make friends so easily because you’re all coming to work-out and get your butts kicked.”

Prior to joining Trinity Fitness, Beemer tried other weight loss and fitness methods and failed. Today, Beemer is 61 pounds lighter and has been with Trinity Fitness for 3-plus years. Thanks to her support system, it’s easier to stay focused on her goals.

“I am a very social person, and so working out at home with a video is very boring, and obviously no social activity. I love being here because of the people, I love working out with them, encouraging them and them encouraging me,” said Beemer.

Beemer is one of the many success stories that prove having a community rally behind you makes these changes possible.

Making this community like family is what Greg Coleman is all about. Greg Coleman is the North Florida Area Director for Trinity Fitness and his passion for helping
people is a personal one.

“When I first came to Trinity Fitness I weighed about 300 pounds,” Coleman explained, “Everytime my wife got pregnant with a child I gained that weight with her. I was an athlete in high school and could pretty much eat whatever I wanted and was burning enough so it didn’t matter. As I got older, it stuck around.”

Coleman was fed up with the feeling unhealthy. He came into contact with Trinity Fitness through a nutrition seminar at church with his wife.

“Trinity Fitness was kind of the last straw, we had tried everything else we had tried all kinds of diets, different gym memberships, none of it worked. Trinity Fitness changed my life, and I think its the community of people,” said Coleman.

Trinity Fitness offers these locals consistent accountability and encouragement to pursue their goals which is a key component to their success stories.

For Coleman, its knowing that there are people who care about you, and are going to not only encourage but challenge you. This community not only inspires those who are on a journey to change their lifestyles but also the trainers.

Mary Davis was invited to Trinity Fitness by a friend and ever since the gym participated in a Spartan race, ever since then Davis has been devoting herself to train other members weekly.

“My favorite part is the people, I get so excited when I know it’s my night to train, wondering who is going to come, praying over who is going to come. Just to be able to love on them wherever they are at,” Davis said.

Davis takes pride in helping people better themselves and grow spiritually. For members like Beemer with a history of fitness frustration it can make all the difference.