We All Float Down Here: The New Wellness Trend Sweeping Jacksonville


Relaxing in a soundproof tank and in complete darkness is a way to relieve stress at
Float The Idea or at H20m Float. These two locations in Jacksonville offer an effortless
experience for wellness and pain relief. The odd looking tanks shaped in an egg or
squared form are filled with water at skin temperature and more than eight-hundred
pounds of Epsom salt. A person floats on their back for about sixty- minutes while their
brain slowly adjusts to the stress-free environment.

“When you float you are forced to let your mind and your body rest,” Kylie Hicken,
Manager at H2OM said. “It is an environment where your mind, your thoughts, they are
not reaching for all the external stimulation we get in our daily lives. You’re able to just
focus on yourself.”

Hicken has been floating for two years and she said it took her awhile to adjust to this
new practice.

“Every time I leave the tank, feeling like I left behind whatever it was that was bringing
me down,”

According to National Public Radio, Justin Feinstein, a Neuropsychologist at the
Laureate Institute for Brain Research, investigated float therapy as a treatment for
people with anxiety and depression. He discovered that floating reduces activity in the
amygdala which is part of the limbic system.

Float therapy is safe and quiet. Some people are choosing to escape reality and
meditate in this non-traditional way. Floating therapy tanks used to be called isolations tanks in the 1950s. Neuroscientist Dr. John Lilly invented floating tanks to do research on the human brain. Floating started as an experiment more than five decades ago and it is now considered a healing method.

This kind of therapy is more popular in Europe than it is in America. Jacksonville
residents are slowly becoming more informed about this therapy.