Hardcore Parkour in the 904

By: Kristina Smith and Sara Crouch

In the last days of summer, it’s warm-up time in Riverside.

Most people who know of parkour imagine stunt artists running and leaping in YouTube videos. According to the World Freerunning Parkour Federation, the word “Parkour” comes from the French word “Parcours” which translates to “the way through” or “the path.” Parkour can also be defined as the act of moving from point “a” to point “b” using the obstacles along the path to increase efficiency.

There is a group dedicated to the art of parkour right here in River City. Eric Price is a parkour athlete who started training in his backyard eight years ago. Every Sunday, Price organizes and trains a group of inspired hobbyists. He welcomes beginners, curious onlookers as well as the more experienced. One trainer in particular, Connor Kelly, has his own philosophy on parkour. He believes that life should not be taken so seriously and this philosophy translates well into the basics of parkour.

Price and Kelly have been inspired by parkour since a young age. They learned about it from shows such as American Ninja Warrior as well as video games they played growing up. Price has been teaching parkour for five years now. His passion for parkour shows through his teaching. He encourages anybody that is interested in parkour to get involved right away. He lives by the saying “You’ll never get better if you don’t practice.”

Parkour seems to be a misunderstood practice and Kelly wants that to change. He wants everybody to know that parkour enthusiasts are never there to wreck a place or cause any damage. They are simply there to enjoy the structures and property. They always leave places the same as when they arrived.

If you live in the Jacksonville area and are interested in getting involved with Eric Price and a parkour group you can find their Facebook page called 904 Parkour or Florida Parkour Jacksonville.