Hemp Healing: A Look At CBD on the First Coast

By: Michael Card and Karassa Stinchcomb


A legal compound in the cannabis plant called CBD is a new way for people to treat anxiety, inflammation, joint pain and other ailments in a natural way without becoming impaired.

Sil Kaelin opened up her store, Hydroponic Unique Goods, in Mar. 2017 with the hope of
delivering relief to people through the use of CBD. Kaelin became a believer in CBD after visiting her brother in Denver, Colorado where he introduced her to a cream for the lingering back pain she experienced after a car accident when she was in college.

“I was amazed! Within two or three minutes my whole back was fine,” Kaelin said.
Kaelin asked her brother if what he put on her back contained THC and he told her it was CBD.

After Kaelin returned to Jacksonville, she started researching CBD and its benefits.
Cannabidiol (CBD) is a non-psychoactive oil extracted from the hemp plant. After using CBD to treat the pain in her back, Kaelin began to notice additional benefits.

“CBD also helps with your immune system,” Kaelin said. “I really have seen over the past year and a half, I have not gotten sick.”

Kaelin’s store offers a wide variety of products with different methods to consume CBD. With the popularity of CBD rising, it’s starting to make its way into other businesses like Lucy’s Sweet Shop in Jacksonville Beach.

Owner Michelle Ballinger, has been making decorative desserts for six years, opened up her store in December 2017. After taking a batch of her cookies to a local CBD store, she was inspired to try something new with her most popular item — her salted chocolate chunk cookie.

“We talked about it and talked about the benefits oil and decided to try it out to see how our customers like it,” Ballinger said. :And they really, really like it.”

While a lot of people are starting to understand the benefits of CBD in people, not a lot know that their furry friends can experience the same benefits themselves. Like humans, animals deal with health problems like: arthritis, anxiety and cancer among others
that could be treated with CBD.

Stephen Huber gives his 4-year-old rescue dog, Henna, CBD on a regular basis to help calm her anxiety.

“She was very alpha, so she was kind of aggressive with other dogs that wouldn’t necessarily back down if they were playing a little rough,” Huber said. “It’s given an even keel to her as well.”

Although CBD can be helpful to some animals, it may not be for all of them.

“Some dogs might not like the taste,” Huber said. “They might reject it.”

For more information about CBD, contact your local medical professional.