Jacksonville Jumbo Shrimp


Alfred Narin and Jada Soloman 

Not being born and raised on the first coast you may not be familiar with the 1990s theme song but since the 20th century, Jacksonville has seen their share of minor league baseball.

With a plethora of hall of famers coming through the organization such as Tom Seaver,
Randy Johnson and Hank Aaron and current players in the majors like former MVPs Clayton Kershaw, Giancarlo Stanton the Jumbo Shrimp have established a rich tradition of baseball here in Jacksonville.    

However, minor league baseball has always had a different feel than major league baseball and media manager Scott Kornberg believes that has something to do with the family-friendly atmosphere.

“Something I believe what separates minors from the majors is prices and how they really gear the game to families,” Kornberg said. “Whether its fan interactions or different sources of promotions they always seem to have different events for families to have a more hands-on experience.”

Fireworks, beach day and fan appreciation days are just a few things that the Jumbo Shrimp do to give back to the fans during games.

However, with the opening day looming putting together a winning product on the field is always the main goal for an organization that has been entertaining the first coast since 1962.