Jacksonville non-profit gives human-trafficking victims a second chance

John Bisotti and Nathan Dean

Women who have fallen victim human have turned to Rethreaded to renew their sense of self-worth and hope.  

Rethreaded is a non-profit in Jacksonville whose mission is to help women who were victims of human trafficking by giving them a second chance at life through employment through commerce and production.

Rethreaded’s founder Kristen Keen, started this mission and has helped it grow and change the lives of women across the nation. Rethreaded plans to expand their reach through the acquisition of a new building that will let them hire more employees.

Thanks to a partnership with Southwest Airlines and Project Runway, the non-profit has been able to launch a whole new line of products and they’ve been given great exposure.

The partnership with Southwest Airlines lets Rethreaded recycle materials that the airline no longer needs.

“Last year we saved 9.4 tons of materials from landfills,” Keen said.

The newest line they’ve launched is all based around leather from a Southwest plane. Using that material, Rethreaded employees created handbags, purses, earrings, necklaces, key chains and more.

Rethreaded has been given a new building that will allow them to hire more women and create more products.

“My dream is to never say no to a woman who asks,” said Keen.

Giving women a new life, a sense of value, hope and an opportunity to create is what’s most important to Keen

To find out more about Rethreaded you can visit: https://www.rethreaded.com/