JAX IS RAD: A Spotlight on Local Creatives

By: James Donlon and Bailie Staton


From undiscovered talent and little recognition, the underground music and art
scene in Jacksonville has been hidden for quite some time, until one company
named Jax is Rad decided to shed some light on the unique underground culture of

One of the exampled works of underground radness is a shop that works closely
with Jax is Rad. Thrifting may have been a word heard by hipsters who are going for
a unique look or by your grandparents confused on why their clothes suddenly
became cool.

But, there’s nothing quite like a vintage look, and there’s no better way to get that
than with thrifting. For those new to the term, thrifting is the act of buying and
selling old, retro clothes. And no one knows more about thrifting that Tiana Desalvo,
founder of Dead People’s Closet. Tianna picks up old clothing from estate sales and gives them a new life for her customers who enjoy that vintage look.

Desalvo sat down with us in her eclectic, but cozy showroom and brought us into
her world of radness.

“I have always preferred to wear vintage clothes and to dress very much so differently than anyone I knew in high school. I just started going to local thrift stores when I started driving.”

Growing up her parents always urged her to create her own income and when she fell in love with vintage clothes, it all sparked from there.

“My mom hated it, immediately, couldn’t stand it. As soon as she could say a word
about it she would. As soon as I came home she would be like ‘not again, you’re not
buying this stuff again,’ And I kind of got addicted to it, and thrifting is kind of like
finding treasure,” said Desalvo.

Though her mom didn’t enjoy the vintage clothing, her distaste for her daughters’
clothes ignited a thought in Desalvo’s head.

“She would grab onto me and be like, ‘Please Tiana, for the love of God, Please don’t wear the dead people’s clothes.’”

From there, Dead People’s Closet was born.

Though unique, Dead People’s Closet may of not have had their radness known
without Jax is Rad. With this company, artists and talent alike are given the
opportunity to collaborate and promote through Jax Is Rad, an organization
dedicated to making the Jacksonville Underground Scene known.

Ansley Randall, a Jacksonville Native and founder of Jax is Rad shed some light on
her city and why this company needed to be here. After spending years of having a
boring outlook on the city she wanted to change her thought process.

“And kind of throughout [my thought process], and even when I launched it I knew ‘Jax is Rad because of us’ kind of thing and, I feel like there’s a huge underground art scene

When talking about the difficulties Jacksonville faces, she gave us some insight on
her struggle.

“I think that Jacksonville is such a spread out city that it’s hard to connect it all together, and I think that’s bringing the unknown known.”

Not only does it promote local artists and creators, Jax is Rad holds events where
they can showcase their work.

“I met Ansely initially through me owning Dead Peoples Closet, and her wanting to
throw a Jax is Rad bash. And she was throwing a party and she needed vendors, I
told her about Dead Peoples Closet, and pretty much we linked up through that,”
said Desalvo.

Bringing together Dead People’s Closet and Jax is Rad has been instrumental in raising up other local artists and talent.

For more information regarding Jax is Rad or Dead People’s Closet, please visit
JaxisRad.com or visit @deadpeoplescloset on Instagram.

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