Land Adventures

Andre Roman

Kristal Alston


Diamond D. Ranch is located off Normandy Boulevard where they are abundant with amenities for outdoor lovers. From a petting zoo to horseback riding, the Ranch is ideal for those who appreciate nature. Tour Guide, Meghan Hughes, said that you don’t have to be an equestrian to enjoy the ride.

“They don’t have to worry about doing much because our horses are so good, they know the routine, they know the work,” Hughes said.

There are many options for trail rides at the ranch. Whether you take a two-hour ride or a half day ride, this experience can be a great way to disconnect from the world and reconnect with nature.

“It’s just something different. It’s good to get out here with your family and get back to just having fun outdoors with your family and friends,” Hughes said.

Down the road from Diamond D Ranch, is Whil’s Paintball, a park that opened three years ago. It’s a place where people of all ages, family and friends alike can come take part in the intense sport. Owner Whil Arntzen emphasizes that safety comes first on the field.

“A lot of my referees are out there. All we care about is your safety and having fun,” Arntzen said.

Like horseback riding, paintballing doesn’t require experience and at Whil’s Paintball there are three different levels of experience to choose from. They start off young kids with first level pump guns which are low impact.

Tashia Redublo and her family enjoy spending their time in the field together and for them it allows them to let off some steam.

“Just getting the stress out and running around and going crazy [is a fun time],” Tashia Redublo said.
Redublo also says paintballing encourages her kids to step outside and be active and take a break from their technology.