Latara Griffin: Testimonies for Domestic Abuse

Carliana Harris and Paleo Casar

Latara Griffin knows how hard domestic abuse can affect women and families, and she made it her mission to help them speak up and finally make their voices heard.

Griffin’s past relationship, involving a man of faith, ended in a violent encounter. Doors kicked in and  physical altercation — a similar story to 80.3 percent of the 107,000 reported incidents of domestic violence in 2017 alone, according to the Florida Statistical Analysis Center.

Combined with Griffin’s own past with a mother in a precarious situation, she vowed to rise above her scars and share her story.

“That moment, it was like okay, it’s going to be me in this relationship with him, this toxic relationship, or be the type of mother that I’ve seen my mother be for me, my brother and sister,” Griffin said.

Griffin recounted the moment her relationship broke, and when she needed to act. “Could I be that type of mother while getting my head (you know) beaten?”

At this point, galvanized by her experiences, Griffin gathered her stories, poems, and scriptures to create her first book, Strongholds. She hopes that by allowing her own pain to be discussed without any filters, she can inspire other women to do the same and truly talk about their own traumas.

“There’s this facade that’s created that we’re supposed to be strong all the time…like, we’re not supposed to be weak,” Griffin commented sadly, “ We get hit, we fall…and we pretend like it doesn’t happen.”

Latara is still pushing for empowering victims of domestic violence and similar situations to stand up and get their stories out there, to start discussions that don’t always find their way out there. As she said:

“You can’t carry your past with you …You have to identify those strongholds … those things that have hurt you, and you have to deal with them.”

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