Local Golfer Fights For Spot On The Tour

By Bruce Hope and Troy Hollinger

Dillon Board is just a regular guy. Well not quite. The Jacksonville native worked his way up to become a professional golfer competing on the Canadian PGA Mackenzie tour. That is not something you see every day. 

Board grew up influenced by his father, who got him into the game of golf early and stoked his interest through his youth. That passion for the game took onto the collegiate level. 

Board accumulated multiple honors during his time as a collegiate golfer. As a player at the College of Coastal Georgia, Board won Men’s Golf Player of the Year in 2016, Golfer of the Week, and NAIA All American, among other awards. 

One of his greatest accomplishments as a collegiate golfer came in his sophomore year, when he made it the number one player in the country and qualified in the top-10 for the Arnold Palmer Cup. 

The 25-year-old Board recently lost his tour card after failing to earn enough money to continue to compete on that circuit. 

“I didn’t get enough starts to make enough money, so that’s essentially how I lost it,” said Board. 

That isn’t stopping Board from purusing his dreams though. He is back home in Jacksonville, and he is working, all the while training for a comeback. He continues to hone his craft while executing multiple exercises and drills. One exercise includes putting at towel across his chest and under his arms. He uses the towel to remind himself to keep contact between his upper arms and his body. That contact, explained Board, keeps control of the golf club all the way through the swing. If the towel falls down, then that control of the swing is lost and the golf ball could end up anywhere. 

Board has faced tough times, but he has the support of those closest to him, especially his fiancée, Mackenzie Roark. 

“I think it’s very important because you have someone in your corner supporting you through the good and the bad things in your sport,” Roarke said of her role as Board’s number one fan. 

With that support, Board’s natural ability and his work ethic, recapturing lost success is a goal believed to be within reach. 

“Just grinding,” Board said of his efforts to reclaim his place on the Mackenzie Tour. “You know trying to figure it out. Working right now, and hopefully, trying to get a chance to try and get my card back.”