Meet the ‘Vikings’: The Fight Against Breast Cancer

By: Sara Crouch, Jennifer Graham, and Kristina Smith

By the end of the year, more than 266,000 women will be faced with a breast cancer
diagnosis. One such woman is Jennifer Henry— a local wife, mother, real estate broker
and brand new business owner. Though she’s recently begun her fight against cancer,
she’s dedicated herself to building a network, being active, and being concerned for

“Telling the kids was hard because cancer’s a scary word.” said Henry, “And while I have
every confidence that this is not a death sentence, it’s hard to tell a child that you have a
life-threatening illness.”

When Jennifer was diagnosed with Stage 3 cancer in September, she chose to be a
Viking instead of a victim.

‘Team Viking’ is an inner circle of her loved ones dedicated to be by her side. Their
support can be as simple as making broth, helping with water aerobics, or joining in

The Henrys are determined to return such support tenfold by giving back to the
community.  Jennifer plans to raise funds for a local breast cancer charity and her
husband, Geoffrey Henry, will shave his head once they reach a monetary goal.

Mr. Henry recognizes this trial as an opportunity for their children to learn, to contribute
to society, and to give and receive good acts in life. Most importantly he was thankful for
the help of their friends.

“The outpouring of support has been amazing…everyone has been so supportive and so
willing to give information. Take it in small doses, because you’re going to need it over a
long road.”

That road will involve six months of radiation and chemotherapy treatments for Jennifer.

As she began her treatment she began to ‘interrogate’ her habits and what she calls a
carcinogenic lifestyle of high stress.

Jennifer believes a balance between science and nature has helped her move along, but
it seems like nothing will slow her down or keep her from encouraging others who might
be in her shoes.

“Don’t get on the conveyor belt and just go down the road. Be your own advocate, learn
about your disease, learn about prevention, and more than anything make the best of it.”