Paving the Way: Jacksonville’s Road Construction

By: Daniela Toporek and Andrea Davis


Road construction takes a major toll on the daily lives of Jacksonville citizens. It causes road rage, accidents and long delays which causes even more frustrations. With the city constantly growing, expansion is needed to provide new housing and jobs for residents.

For some, road construction is more than just a frustration; it is their job.

Gary McCollum, executive vice president of Cal-Tech Testing, assures residents that the Florida Department of Transportation does all it can to make the transition as easy as possible. Cal-Tech Testing is a material, construction and engineering firm that is in charge of quality control.

“The Department of Transportation goes through great lengths to satisfy the public and keep them happy, while trying not to close lanes and to keep traffic moving.”

McCollum and his crew ask drivers to please be patient and drive carefully within these construction zones especially at night, for safety to the driver, traffic, and the crew members working.

“In the field, it gets kind of dangerous. A lot of cars speed by. Some come into the lane closures and others hit cones,” said Steve Pillars, field services manager of Cal-Tech. “When you are on the interstate, a cone could fly by at sixty, seventy miles an hour.”

While this road construction seems never ending to the citizens of Jacksonville, it is required for the roads to be more efficient and safer for the residents along with helping the city to grow.