Salt Life

Reggie D.
Spencer R.

Trend setting has become a popular phenomenon as of late, thanks to technological advances and the implication of globalization over the past 10 years. When trendsetting comes to mind, usually famous people such as actors or entertainers initiate some sort of trend for people to follow; being clothing apparel, a hobby, or even a current event.

Compared to other big cities, Florida may also be in the business of setting trends. Salt Life, a term coined in Jacksonville, is one of the ways to describe the type of lifestyle that many Floridians are exposed to, but only few decide to take advantage of.

“I just feel like I’m at home and doing something I love,” said 16-year-old amateur surfer Blake Kantack. “It’s not like playing baseball, where you have to have a coach always pushing you. It’s you. You’re on your own.”

Anything involving ocean-centric activities is considered Salt Life. Boating, fishing, and surfing. You name it. Fun in Florida is almost equivalent to relaxation.

Enjoying warm weather, soft sand, and the horizon of the Atlantic Ocean would be the epitome of Salt Life in Jacksonville, Florida. Huguenot Memorial Park down on Heckscher Drive, has become the hotspot for many local surfers and fishermen over the past year.

A New Yorker, for example, has absolutely no clue of what Salt Life is or what it could possibly stands for. Floridians should take pride in that fact.

Surfing and fishing are only two ways to relieve stress and enjoy life. Without activities like these, it would be interesting to see what Floridians would do for fun.

Down here in the state of Florida all we need are a few rays, the beach atmosphere, and a wet suit to enjoy the waves of the Atlantic; or Gulf of Mexico for the west coast of Florida.