Sports Adventures

Kona and Velocity: Jacksonville’s Various Adventures

Kona Skatepark and Velocity Trampoline gym are action filled experiences that all ages can enjoy. Whether you’re five or 85, there’s something to do at both locations.

“While being a part of this community over the years, a lot of kids and families have found Kona to be that home place,” said Martin Ramos, caretaker of Kona Skatepark.

Kona is the world’s longest standing skate park, and Velocity just opened last year, so they’re on opposite ends of the spectrum as far as history is concerned. Regardless, there is plenty of reason to visit both.

Kona has a versatile array of ramps, street skating options, and the infamous snake run. Velocity has trampolines, a foam pit, a kickball court and a trapeze— a fan favorite amongst the kids.

“Parents love it, [and] it gets the kids away from the electronics,” said Velocity Assistant Manager Jacob Sarvis..

With so many options, there’s no reason to not visit both. Indoor or outdoor, these are solid places to exercise while having fun, which is what these Jacksonville businesses strive to help their customers do.

Sarvis said that Velocity hosts college nights during the week, appealing to 20-30 year olds. Kona, being a skatepark, can obviously appeal to anyone, no matter what skill level or age.

“We are not only reaching out to Jacksonville, but to all surrounding areas around Jacksonville,” Ramos said.

The open-minded attitude is what makes both of these venues appealing, and staples of Jacksonville fun.