Student By Day, Singer-Songwriter By Night: Peyton Lescher

peytonPeyton Lescher had her first musical moment when she was very young, just four or five. She sat down with her uncle’s guitar, no idea how to play, and began to sing to her family. Now she is an up and coming singer-songwriter out of Saint Augustine, Florida.

When Lescher realized that she wanted to write and perform songs, she began crafting a unique style for her sound. She draws influence from popular artists such as Demi Lovato, Amy Winehouse, and Hilary Duff, but her main inspiration is Ariana Grande. Lescher finds comfort in writing music about her experiences, both positive and negative.

She performs around the Jacksonville area and has started recording her own original music, all while earning a college degree. Lescher is an elementary education major and hopes to merge music and teaching one day. 

“In a perfect world, I would do both. Like I would love to be doing my music and teaching at the same time and incorporating music into the classroom because some kids are musical.”

One person who really understands Lescher’s dedication and love for her music is her bandmate, Dominic Steenson. The two met in high school and really clicked, musically. They have been playing together for six years now. 

“It’s really hard to put your finger on it, but there’s just this special connection you have with musicians sometimes…It just works. And I’ve only ever had that with Peyton,” Steenson said of their musical chemistry.

Despite a full course load of classes, Lescher has recently released her brand new single, “Dark” and she is finishing the production of a five-song EP. Her music can be found on all major streaming platforms.