Success and Self- Empowerment: In the Name of Fashion

By: Brett Raynor and Johnakeshia Thompson

Fashion and beauty are used by many women to help them feel better about themselves and to fulfill the need for personal empowerment. Owner of the successful boutique Synsha Fashions, Shawana Boyer’, believes that her boutique is more than just a way stay financially afloat in the Jacksonville area, and that she uses her store to bring out the beauty in every woman.

“I love helping woman and making them feel empowered,” said Boyer’. “It’s what I believe in and what I want my store to represent.”

According to Boyer, the stereotypical mold for what society considers “beautiful” in describing women is changing, and that more an more curvier women are being celebrated by society. She attributes this movement to the success of her store as well.

“I have trouble selling some of my smaller size clothing, but I love that women of all sizes want to come in and feel beautiful,” said Boyer’. “I want women to come in so we can talk about how to show their inner beauty, which will in turn, make them more confident and showing their outer beauty. Everyone has something beautiful about them.”

According to Boyer, her approach has been very successful, and the tactics she uses are paramount in making her store as successful as it is. She believes that the key is reaching out to your customer, and knowing how to keep them coming back.

“I do a lot of different things to keep customers coming back in, and even reaching new customers from all over,” said Boyer. “I’ve had customers reach me from all over thanks to having an online store. They’ve shopped with me from Texas, California and even as far as India.”

One of her biggest tool is the use of social media, and keeping up with the public that would actually be shopping at her storefront. She also has another tool that she is very proud of, a mobile version of her store, or as they’re called “motiques.”

Boyer’’s boutique is by appointment only, and is great for “when the ladies have a get together,” so they can call her and shop right from their house. Boyer will come to you.

Besides all of the different things Boyer does to keep her store running successfully, and helping women out whenever she can, Boyer really enjoys having her “empowerment sessions,” in which she really likes to help women become more confident and be comfortable in their own skin.

“In the empowerment sessions I really like to focus on getting women to be more confident,” said Boyer’. “A lot of women that come are models, whom may not feel as confident as they should on the runway, so I talk about how to get them to show-off what they have and gain the confidence needed to be successful.”