Threat Supply: The New Face of Jags Fans

By: Daniela Toporek and Andrea Davis

Football season is a major season for those who reside in Jacksonville, Fla. To many, it’s a
chance to see their favorite players work together as a team to take down their rivals.
For Austin Ellis, it is more than just a game. It is his brand.

Ellis is a local and loyal fan of the Jaguars. He even started his own clothing line, Threat Supply, based off of his love for the team. For many fans, the game is their home away from home, so why not incorporate their love for the team in their wardrobe?

“We’re a fan base that doesn’t like doing what we are told to do, and I think I’m just able to help give a little bit of a visual presence to that,” said Ellis.

Ellis only printed 12 shirts when he first pushed his brand at a Jaguars tailgate. His brand didn’t take off overnight, but he kept pushing and never gave up. Now he prints so many shirts and designs that he considers the outcome to be insane.

“It’s amazing,” said Michelle Normandeau when discussing the fan base. “I’ve always told
people we have a really strong fanbase now because everyone around my age has now gone to the point where we’ve grown up with this being our hometown team.”

Ellis doesn’t just sell his designs at tailgate parties. He also uses online sales and a blog to help promote his designs.