Urban Adventures


Two unforgettable adventures—offered on every level. Whether you’re looking for a way to escape and enjoy the sunshine, or a way to satisfy a need for speed, both adventures guarantee fun.

Jennifer Koerner, owner of Adventures Up the Creek says a kayaking adventure has many of them. “Just the love of the outdoors and seeing natural beauty, and you have so much access to that on the water.”

In the past, many have been unsure of what to expect, but Koerner guarantees a sense of peace. “More often than not, it’s that quiet, that meditative time, that serenity” said Koener.

Paddling with friends is an option that’s available for those who’d rather paddle in a group. Pete Koerner, co-owner of Adventures Up the Creek says it is an

“Even if a few of them had been kayaking before, they probably haven’t been kayaking with ten, or twenty or thirty people” said Koerner. But, nevertheless he says it’s about working together toward the common goal. “It’s a part of a unique experience.”

If you’re not the outdoors type and have a need for speed, Nick Soriano, Director of Competition at Autobahn Indoor Speedway says their tracks are the ultimate racing experience.

He says Autobahn has become a place for all ages and levels. “We have something for everybody. From kids who are just learning to drive their first go kart, to serious racers who like to come out and compete in our leagues,” said Soriano.

They aren’t your typical karts because, “they have great power, great top speeds, which makes it really exciting for all those speed junkies out there,” said Soriano.

William Madruga, first time racer said he enjoyed this experience because, “When you’re on the street you can’t do that, you can’t go fast.” But, at Autobahn, “You can go quick as you want.”

There’s no speed limit and the karts go up to 50 miles per hour. “It’s great for the kids, it’s great for just a date night together with your significant other and it’s just fun to do with friends as well,” said Kate Eakins, indoor racer.

Although it’s about competition, Soriano makes note that the fun means much more and that too is the mission of Autobahn.

Whether you’re on the inside or the outside, it’s important to never underestimate the importance of having fun.