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RTV 3220c

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This class is an introduction to Television Show Productions with an emphasis on understanding the various roles necessary to produce quality content which could eventually become broadcast ready for our media partner, Spinnaker Media and other publication platforms.

Students will learn the very basic skills necessary to produce mini-shows that will require each student to learn and execute the following basic television industry standards:

  • Understand basic broadcast writing skills and script formatting. Such as, Readers, VO/SOTs, VO’s, Standups, Look Live-shots, Packages. etc.
  • Understand the Content Team roles of Producer, Reporter, Photographer, Graphic Artist, Editor, Anchor and Managing Editor.
  • Explore the various uses of technology in gathering show content and organizing it for presentation.
  • Understand the Production Team roles of Director, Technical Director, Audio, Graphics, Video Playback, Video Record, Studio Camera Operator, Teleprompter Operator, and Floor Manager.
  • Learn Production/Show Production terminology and proper ways to use it.
  • Post production concepts and fulfillment of them.
  • Create show concepts and execute the content and production of short mini-shows which will support Spinnaker Media as our department’s broadcast partner, and also publish classwork on our Facebook page, and YouTube channel.

The class is under the direction of Professor Ken Thomas and was expressly created to provide Multimedia Production and Multimedia Journalism students with opportunities to gain experience in Producing, Writing, Reporting, Directing, and Anchoring for television.  The students also gain experience in Pre-Production, Studio Production, and Post-Production.

Inside Swoop began production in the Spring of 2018, with continued production each fall and spring semester.  The show’s name originated with students, and so does the content of each show.  For a typical example of Inside Swoop watch the video below or go to our YouTube channel.


From time to time, Inside Swoop students will collaborate with Inside Jacksonville students.  The video below is an example of how the two classes worked together to cover the 2019 Players Championship professional golf tournament.