UNF Multimedia Club


About the Club

The goal of the UNF Multimedia Club is to bring students with an interest in media together to create, network, and learn. Students will have the opportunity to submit projects for awards and scholarships, produce live sporting events through ESPN, and learn from relevant guest speakers in various media industries.

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Send us an email:  theunfmultimediaclub@gmail.com

Club Officers


  • President – Julianne Joy Brugger
  • Vice President – Ryan Bishop
  • Secretary – David Swets
  • Treasurer – Derek Grossman
  • Event Coordinator – Nathan Dean
  • Social Media Coordinator – Rachel Tucker
  • ESPN Coordinator – Kyle Johannes

Co-Faculty Advisors –

Dr. David Deeley (d.deeley@unf.edu)
Professor Ken Thomas (k.thomas@unf.edu)