UNF Multimedia Club

Congratulations to Our 2019
Student Media Clubs 48-Hour Film Festival Winners

First Place:  Blood Money, University of North Florida – Team: Stupid Land Clowns

Congratulations to “Team Stupid Land Clowns” members on your award winning entry:  Rachel Tucker, Carly Kramer, Jesse Scales, Judd Barczack, Ethan Hray, Kathryn Sands, Antonio Richa, Tirik Peterson, and Sunni Linville.

About the Club

The goal of the UNF Multimedia Club is to bring students with an interest in media together to create, network, and learn. Students will have the opportunity to submit projects for awards and scholarships, produce live sporting events through ESPN, and learn from relevant guest speakers in various media industries.

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Send us an email:  theunfmultimediaclub@gmail.com

Club Officers


  • President -Rachel Tucker
  • Vice President – Carly Kramer
  • Secretary – Tysheena Wright
  • Treasurer – AloE Suarez
  • Event Coordinator – Julianne Joy Brugger
  • Social Media Coordinator – Jesse
  • Membership/Perch Portal Coordinator – Tabitha

Faculty Advisor –

Professor Ken Thomas (k.thomas@unf.edu)