Spring 2023 Multimedia Journalists

Delaney Abridge Headshot Photo

Delaney Akridge

Multimedia Journalist


Delaney Akridge is a junior at the University of North Florida majoring in Communication with a concentration in Multimedia Journalism. Delaney is a member of Hicks Honors College and has been a contributing writer for Jacksonville Magazine since 2022. Outside of school, Delaney is a chess coach, self-taught chef, and amateur mycologist. Following graduation, she plans on pursuing a career in technical writing.

Judd Barczak Headshot Photo

Judd Barczak

Multimedia Journalist

Judd Barczak is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in communications with a focus in multimedia journalism. Judd’s goal is to bridge the gap between groups of people by finding commonalities between cultures. Whether they are social, political, or even culinary Judd believes that no matter how different two people are they can always find something in common.

Graecyn Barron Headshot Photo

Grae Barron

Multimedia Journalist


Grae Barron is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in psychology and community leadership. Grae is a member of the Hicks Honors college on campus and is expected to graduate with their B.S. in the spring of 2023. They enjoy journaling, drawing, and other artistic endeavors. Grae’s dream career is anchoring for a TV news station.

Clint Davenport Headshot Photo

Clint Davenport

Multimedia Journalist


Clint Davenport is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in Multimedia Journalism. Prior to UNF, he studied TV/Radio sports at the University of Missouri for three years and reported for the local NBC station, KOMU 8 News. In his free time, Clint plays tennis on the UNF club team and is currently interning for the arena football team, the Jacksonville Sharks.

Grace Dvorovy Headshot Photo

Grace Dvorovy

Multimedia Journalist

Grace Dvorovy is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in multimedia journalism and environmental studies. She hopes to begin her career as a broadcast meteorologist or environmental reporter. She has been volunteering with Inside Swoop for two years as a weather host, producing local forecasts and anchoring weekly shows. In her free time, she enjoys reading and spending time in nature.  

William Horne Headshot Photo

William Horne

Multimedia Journalist

William Horne is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in communications with a focus in multimedia journalism. He is also minoring in sports management. William is a big football fan and currently coaches for a high school team here in Jacksonville. His goal is to use his knowledge in sports to become a sports broadcaster one day. He is currently interning at 1010 XL, Jacksonville’s home for sports talk radio, and will be graduating in the spring.

Cortnye Jackson

Multimedia Journalist

Cortnye Jackson is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in Communications with a focus in multimedia and journalism. Outside of class, she has her own business where she customizes pens for any occasion. Following graduation, Cortnye hopes to find work as a news anchor or put her skills into the human resources department.

Nevin Jeacoma Headshot Photo

Nevin Jeacoma

Multimedia Journalist


Nevin Jeacoma is a 22-year-old student studying at the University of North Florida. Nevin is a communication major focusing in sports broadcasting. He is graduating in May and is very excited to start his career. Nevin enjoys spending time staying active by playing various sports at a competitive level. He also is a singer songwriter who just released his first single “Stolen”. Nevin is very thankful to have the opportunity to be anchoring for both Inside Jacksonville and Inside Swoop in 90 this semester. These anchoring jobs will allow him to become more comfortable and polished for his future.

Aubrey Lowery Headshot Photo

Aubrey Lowery

Multimedia Journalist

Aubrey Lowery is a senior multimedia journalism major, with a minor in political science. I desire to work on the print side of journalism, where I can help inform people clearly and concisely. As an intern for UNF Spinnaker, as well as through my course work I’ve become well rounded with utilizing a majority of media outlets. All by using the same passion for connecting with people and hope to utilize that to make a difference.

Lisa Marino Headshot Photo

Lisa Marino

Producer/Multimedia Journalist

Lisa Marino is a junior at the University of North Florida double majoring in music technology and production as well as communication with a focus in multimedia journalism. She currently is the manager of Spinnaker Radio and seeks a career in music production and/or the TV/Film business. Lisa’s ideal position would be one in which she can use her creativity to be hands-on in the production process. Her goal in earning two bachelor’s degrees is to be a well-versed employee with creative, technical, and communicative skills.

Giana Mercado Headshot Photo

Giana Mercado

Multimedia Journalist


Giana Mercado is a junior majoring in multimedia journalism with a double minor in film and Spanish. She is currently an entertainment reporter for Inside Swoop, the secretary of the multimedia club, and volunteers at Spinnaker TV. Giana has a passion for filmmaking, art, and culture. She often spends her time at the movie theatre, concerts, or plays. In the future, Giana hopes to work in entertainment news.

Kathryn Arum Headshot Photo

Kathryn Orum

Multimedia Journalist

Kathryn Orum is a senior at the University of North Florida majoring in communications with a focus in multimedia journalism and will graduate from UNF in the summer of 2023. Kathryn has plans of pursuing her passion in education and would like to further her educational journey at the University of Florida to receive a masters degree in education. With backgrounds in both journalism and education, she hopes to one day take these skills to become an English teacher for high school aged students.

Riley Platt Headshot Photo

Riley Platt

Producer/Multimedia Journalist

Riley Platt is a junior at the University of North Florida majoring in multimedia journalism and minoring in sport management. Riley has always possessed a love for sports and has written on and commentated games since his junior year of high school. He hopes to attain a career somewhere in the sports journalism world, whether it be covering sports or working for a team directly. Riley is also quite the history buff and loves learning of all kinds.

Carson Rich Headshot Photo

Carson Rich

Multimedia Journalist

Carson Rich is a senior at the University of North Florida pursuing a major in multimedia journalism with a minor in leadership. This summer he is looking to work as an intern for a company that works in his field. Carson loves to write about things that he is passionate about like sports and music, and loves staying up to date with the latest information.

Bradley Segarra Headshot Photo

Bradley Segarra

Multimedia Journalist

Bradley Segarra is a senior Communication major at the University of North Florida. He expects to graduate in the Fall of 2023 and will be seeking employment in multimedia journalism and writing with an emphasis in entertainment and video games. His work experience includes sales with Marshall’s and volunteering with the Arc Jacksonville. Skills include: Microsoft Office (Word, PowerPoint), Adobe
Photoshop (Digital Photography), and Adobe Premiere Pro.

Samantha Stephenson Headshot Photo

Samantha Stephenson

Multimedia Journalist

Samantha Stephenson is a senior at the University of North Florida. She is majoring in Multimedia Journalism. She is currently interning at Jacksonville Magazine to better understand publishing and how to produce a magazine. Samantha enjoys getting to know people by developing personal connections and creating stories based on them. In addition, she has always had a love for books and writing. Upon graduating in the spring of 2023, Samantha hopes to pursue a career in publishing in which she’d like to help others create their masterpieces to share with the world.

Kaitlin Ward Headshot Photo

Kaitlin Ward

Multimedia Journalist


Kaitlin Ward is a senior majoring in Communication with a concentration in multimedia journalism. She will graduate this may with a minor in Criminal Justice. She is passionate about underreported crime cases and has found her passion for publicizing those that have had their voice taken from them. When she’s not reporting, you can find her at the gym, hanging out with friends and listening to true crime podcasts. After graduation she hopes to work as a reporter in broadcast news. 

Kathy Waterman Headshot Photo

Kathy Waterman

Multimedia Journalist

Kathy Waterman is a senior at the University of North Florida. She is majoring in multimedia journalism. Her love for engaging with those around her community is what
drove the passion to become a journalist. Outside of the classroom, she loves to create content for her online blog. For her career, she hopes to be a news reporter or news

Johnathan White Headshot Photo

Johnathan White

Multimedia Journalist

1010XL Internship Demo Tape

Johnathan White is a senior at the University of North Florida who will graduate at the conclusion of Summer 2023. He has grown to appreciate the craft of journalism while majoring in Multimedia Journalism. What started as an interest in sports broadcasting blossomed into a desire to see what the study and application of communications really meant. He has experience with a local sports radio network, 1010XL, where he interned Summer of 2022. There he gained and applied the knowledge of how a radio station operated top to bottom under Tom Fridley. He hopes to pursue a career in print journalism, sports broadcasting or as a foreign correspondent