Special Diets




Getting in shape can be hard work. Diet and exercise, while effective, requires a serious commitment before you’ll see the benefits.

There are alternatives… Including what’s called cleansing. Its proponents say cleaning helps with weight loss, boosts your body’s immune system and can help your body function more efficiently.

So, what is cleansing?


It’s basically going on a fruit and vegetable diet for several days with the goal of removing toxins from your body that naturally build up over time.

Annie Tuttle, owner of Watts Juicery, explains why she chooses to juice. “Through the juicing I feel better. I’m a mom of four,” she said, “I don’t feel as tired as I was before. So I mean you get a nice little boost of energy from the juice. It’s a very natural boost of energy.”

Tuttle also explained that juicing is difficult at times but it gets easier after the first day. She said your body resets and it no longer wants fattening foods, like a cheeseburger, any longer.

If you choose to juice you’ll be drinking six 16-ounce servings a day… and that’s it. Nutritionists say any cleanse shouldn’t last longer than five days and there are risks.


“Significantly reducing your calories, which is what a juice fast is gonna do, can be unsafe and sometimes harmful,” Jenna Braddock, Registered Dietitian Nutritionist said.

Braddock continued and said, “What the juices provide are a high flood of antioxidants and phytonutrients found in fruits and vegetables that then support the body’s natural detoxification system.”

As with any special diet, you should always consult your doctor before and during the process. It may not be suitable for everyone.