3D Digital’s effect on Jacksonville

Story by: Ian Cork

In the heart of Bay Meadows, there’s a hidden gem called 3D Digital, a marketing and advertising agency that has been making waves in our local business community since its inception in 2001. Their mission? To ignite growth for businesses of all shapes and sizes, but it’s the small businesses they’ve profoundly impacted that truly stand out.

3D Digital’s story began with a visionary named Alan Worley. Alan Worley is the founder and CEO, whose dream was to make a significant difference in our community. He wanted to bring local savings to readers and help local businesses flourish.

As I walked through their office, I was greeted by two dynamic individuals, Julie and her partner, Kevin. They’ve been working side by side for nearly a year, and their energy together was electric.

Listening to their stories, I discovered that 3D Digital often receives referrals from another advertising powerhouse in town, their sister company Money Pages. Money Pages is all about print advertising – magazines, direct mail, and more. On the other hand, 3D Digital specializes in the digital realm. With an in-house studio and a thriving video production company, they help businesses navigate the ever-evolving world of online marketing.

What sets 3D Digital apart is their dedication to guiding smaller businesses. Many of their clients are mom-and-pop shops, where the owners double as operators. These passionate entrepreneurs may lack experience in the digital marketing arena, but 3D Digital steps in to bridge that gap. They help these businesses thrive, generating increased revenue and measurable results.

One heartwarming company they work for is Dreams Come True, a charity that grants wishes to children in the hospital. These kids needed exposure and donors, and 3D Digital was there to help as much as they could. The agency worked closely with the charity, spreading their message far and wide within the community. The impact was tremendous, as the charity was able to reach more children and truly, make dreams come true.

As I wrapped up my visit to 3D Digital, I felt inspired. Their journey, from humble beginnings in 2001 to becoming a support for local businesses and charitable causes, is nothing short of remarkable.

3D Digital, with its tireless team led by Alan Worley, continues to shape the local business landscape. They prove that when passion meets purpose, and marketing is wielded as a force for good, dreams can indeed come true. Jacksonville shines a little brighter with 3D Digital in its midst, a testament to the power of community, collaboration, and a commitment to making the world a better place, one business at a time.