Jax Filipinos: Going Above The Bamboo Ceiling 

Story by: Katrino Reyes

Jax Filipinos may have been recently formed, but the impact they bring to the Filipino American community is already felt all around the First Coast.  

Jax Filipinos is an organization that aims to preserve and share the Filipino culture in Jacksonville. Although they only have formed in 2023, the organization has already been doing events for the Filipino American community.  

For October’s Filipino American History Month, Jax Filipinos went all out and organized big events that bring the Filipino American Community together. These events include the Christmas ornament workshop called Sip-N-Parol, the Filipino food showcase called Taste of The Philippines, and the Filipino American History Month Fiesta.  

“I think, you know, as we’re getting there now into the first, second, now third generation of Filipinos, it’s becoming more important to understand where you came from,” said Sharol Noblejas, president of Jax Filipinos. 

Jax Filipinos is still active even outside of October as they are holding more events throughout the rest of the year and the next, most notably art exhibits featuring Filipino artists in November and a 5K run on January. They also plan on launching an initiative called Jax Filipino Cares, which aims to help Filipino overseas workers to settle in their new home in the United States.  

“When we formed and talked about Jax Filipinos, we were trying to meet the needs of the community,” Noblejas said. 

Jax Filipinos is a prime example of preserving culture and identity and the importance of togetherness, and they intend to continue to make an impact with the strong Filipino American presence in the First Coast.