welder working in dim room

Empowering Women with Metal

Story by: Delaney Akridge

Patricia Muniz is a multimedia artist empowering women through metalwork. 

Though traditionally being represented by men in long overalls, Muniz is overhauling the notion that metalworking is just for boys.

Patricia Muniz welding pencil-rod. Photo by Delaney Akridge

“I think a lot of my work stems from working in the metalshop and noticing that things aren’t really catered to women, and just in my life things aren’t really catered to women,” says Muniz.

Her newest piece is an armature-like sculpture made from metal pencil-rod. Each piece of the metal skeleton is taken from Muniz’s own measurements and will take the shape of her body. 

The final form will be draped in women’s clothing and cast in resin–representing the empty space that women don’t take up.

Early stage of Patricia’s sculpture. Photo by Delaney Akridge

Muniz’s sculpture is part of the Enliven Spaces exhibit at Yellow House, a community hub for artists to display their work and educate the public about causes that are important to them.

The exhibit will feature a cohort of artists, each with their own large-scale installation representing various social justice themes.