• Greek Cuisine: What Traditional and Modern Foods Symbolize.

    Greek Cuisine: What Traditional and Modern Foods Symbolize.

    Story by: Catherine Keith In Greece, a country where ancient history meets modernity, there is more to discover than just the views. Today we are seeing how a rich tapestry of flavors unfold and greet us with the symbols of Greek culture, serving as a way to mirror the country’s history, and it’s way of… Read more

  • What is Christmas Fatigue

    What is Christmas Fatigue

    Story by: Kara Scarbrough  For many small businesses around Jacksonville, Christmas trees and twinkle lights aren’t new additions to their space, and have already been up for months. Around this time of year, discourse around the length of the holiday season leads to the belief of “Christmas Fatigue.”   Though the term “Christmas Fatigue” does not… Read more

  • The Education Dilemma

    The Education Dilemma

    Story by: Carter Mudgett It’s no secret that legislation moving against diversity, equity and inclusion is simultaneously reshaping students’ experience across Florida.  But as it sends a chilling effect sweeping across higher education, laws and policies are also making some students rethink whether education is really their future career.  A survey of more than 4,250… Read more

  • Beneath the Waves of an Extreme Sport’s Emotions

    Beneath the Waves of an Extreme Sport’s Emotions

    Story by: Alexa Villegas Surfing is often defined as an extreme sport that demands a lot of physical strength, power, agility and skill. In reality, there’s a lot more to it than that.  Everyone has their own journey. Between different perspectives about what surfing is, the meaning of it to them and creating a personal… Read more

  • The Unsung Heroes of Wildlife Rehabilitation

    The Unsung Heroes of Wildlife Rehabilitation

    Story by: Marshall Shive Wildlife rehabilitation is something that’s losing public interest with the ever-expanding industrialization of America. Even in Jacksonville an increasing number of natural habitats are driving animals out of the forests and into more urbanized areas, causing injuries from cars, trappers and waste left behind from the construction sites.   So, what happens… Read more

  • Candy Canes: A Quick Rundown

    Candy Canes: A Quick Rundown

    Story by: Katrino Reyes The candy cane is one of the most popular candies of all time, especially during the Christmas season. But how did it come about and how was it done over the years? Here is a quick rundown of the classic peppermint delight.  Candy canes are believed to be dated all the… Read more