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Cultivate Jax Welcomes Small Businesses and Embraces Sustainability 

Story by: Grae Barron

Located near Five Points in Riverside, Cultivate Jax is bolstering their environmental impact by providing eco-friendly alternatives to everyday household items.  

These items range from reusable food covers to children’s toys all made in America. Choosing domestically made products means shipping emissions from planes, trains, and ships are pulled to a minimum.  

Not only are the products made in America, but most of the store’s inventory is also supplied by small businesses and individual creators.  

Amanda Mahoney, a manager at Cultivate, said that she prefers the word “regenerative” to sustainable when talking about the inventory at the store.  

“I had a professor who explained it to me this way, and he preferred the term regenerative,” she said. “The term regenerative, it just seems so alive to me, and it reminds me of an ecosystem.” 

Each item continues the cycle of the ecosystem by creating less waste and a better use for natural resources.  

One way Cultivate is keeping the regenerative spirit alive is through their seed library. Planted at the front of the driveway, this mailbox allows people to take a seed pack and leave a seed pack. It cultivates the sharing of knowledge and gardening with the entire community.  

Cultivate Jax is open Wednesday through Sunday, and the porch and seed library is always available.  

 Cultivate Jax’s Seed Library. Photo by Grae Barron.