group of people standing on green grass field

Teachers Among Us 

Story by: William Horne

Every teacher offers different perspectives, experiences, and reasons why they teach. Those experiences take part to shape the future generation of our world. 

Andrew Jackson High School in Jacksonville, Florida has around 50 teachers and a few exceptional teachers share how their impact helps develop their students. 

Devin Wilson teaches in the sports medicine department of Andrew Jackson, but it’s what he does outside of the school that defines him. Wilson currently plays for the Jacksonville Sharks arena football team as a standout wide receiver. He talks about how his experiences on the field help him teach in the classroom. 

“Throughout playing on different levels, I’ve learned that not everyone learns the same way,” says Wilson. He believes that by providing the information in a variety of ways he will help reach all kids. 

Jason Snader, who is currently the athletic trainer at Andrew Jackson, first served as an athletic trainer for the University of Pittsburgh. “I try to really mimic the collegiate athletic room and day here in high school,” said Snader.

Snader believes in routine and how helping kids stay on a routine can help them play their best and recover. While Snader may not be a teacher, several kids learn from him everyday on the importance of taking care of your body to be the best version of yourself. 

Teachers are the unsung heroes in society and play the most vital role when it comes to the development for many years to come.